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Here at UCCC we serve seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey by addressing their mental health and mindset needs. We also consult with leaders of churches, organizations, small businesses and corporations to provide our services in a training or support setting.


Our Mission

The mission of Urmorethan Counseling, Coaching & Consulting is to provide every individual and organization that we serve with quality and tailored services focusing on reflecting their internal strength, providing external resources and holding a safe space so that each individual can become more than!


Am I a good fit for Urmorethan ?

Urmorethan works best with individuals who are aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, able to acknowledge there are barriers and willing to do the work to overcome them. If you have any of the following: Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Anger, Marital Conflict, Adjustment Disorders, Psychosocial Stress or general Relationship Conflict. For organizational services or if you have any questions or concerns please contact Urmorethan Counseling, Coaching & Consulting for more information.


Beyond the freedom, the hustle and the impact of entrepreneurship there are the unspokens: the late nights, the warm tears, the unreconciled past and the stressors of pursing a dream so deep in your heart that you can't stop. The mental health of an entrepreneur can't go untreated.

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